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This page exists to help you get to know me.  I definitely hope it does that! 

Even more so, I hope this page is about you and what you need to take the next step of action God would have you take.  
That’s really why we’re both here.

You will find just a tad of lightheartedness in what you read below. The world is heavy enough.
If I can brighten it, even for a moment, that’s a good step forward.


The Short Version

My passion is to ignite women to thrive beyond their wounds. Helping pastors wives, women called to lead, and women in long-term recovery find their strength, grow their confidence, and lean not on their own understanding. This may sound like 3 different sets of women. Certainly in some ways. The wounds shared might surprise you. Many consider themselves, “walking wounded women.”

As for me, I’ve been the woman called to lead thinking, “but, why me God?” I am that woman in long-term recovery. I have never been a pastors wife.

You might wonder about a passion for pastors wives if I’ve never walked in those shoes. You may think, “could she really understand?”
There’s no way I could from the exact line of fire you live in every single day. Even so, the wounds of loneliness, not feeling heard or understood, highly scrutinized, and more I have much experience with.  

God called me to partner with pastors wives and I discovered a passion I didn’t realize I had. It’s amazing how He does that! 🤔

The world is hungry for godly influencers. My mission is to help you embrace the unique influence God created and designed you to have. Your wounds are part of your story (influence) and someone(s) is waiting for you.

Are you ready?

1 Corinthians 15:58 (MSG) ~ “Be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.”


The “Grab a cup of tea” Long Version ☕️   

Professional & Lived Experience highlights

Certified Christian Leadership Coach – Coach Approach Ministries and a Founding Partner, and certified coach, with the John Maxwell Team.

Certified Enneagram Coach – Gospel-centered Enneagram Coach and Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP) endorsed & certified coach with Your Enneagram Coach.

Best-selling Author – Published book, Choose to THRIVE, Conquering Your Inner Conflicts.  Three retreat studies. Ongoing, blog and devotion articles.

Women’s Community Founder – Influence Multiplied for Christian Woman. A private (not on social media) virtual community.

Women’s Retreat Leader – Hosting retreats since 2010.  Held at Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs or a location of your choice. Intimate by design (6-8 women).

Corporate (once upon a time) – A long time ago, in a land far far away … Okay, my age is showing (and the fact that I’ve watched Star Wars, perhaps a few too many times). I spent 30 years in a fortune 500 corporate career where I organized and led technology teams.

Ministry Leadership – In 2006 my husband and I were founders of a Celebrate Recovery. In 2019, we turned the ministry leadership over to dear friends.  We serve as part of the broader leadership team to this day.

Long-term Recovery – I have been in recovery since 2005.  Alcoholism was the catalyst.  Perfectionism, pride, control, codependency, anger, fear of failure, and more are character struggles I continue to work on.

Personal Story Highlights

I’m the daughter of a very courageous woman. I was born to a single mom who was very young. I watched her work hard to make a life for us. I have high inner work standards in direct alignment with the women in my family who have gone before me. I have never known my biological father.

I married young and 10 years later, divorced young.  I have been married to my wonderful husband since 1990.  Together we have 5 adult children, 10 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. (As of this writing!)

I began my corporate career directly out of high school.  I am blessed to have retired young, yet I had no idea God would bring a whole new world of ways to serve others. I am beyond grateful for His amazing grace.

I have been an avid walker for many years. In my 60’s I found a love for serious hiking.  I have been blessed to reach the summit of two Colorado 14er’s and pray there are more to come.  My husband and I started snow skiing as well in our 60’s.  Sounds a bit crazy, huh?  I do love new adventures!

In closing

Walking wounded women choose to keep going, until we can’t.  We keep our smile on, until we can’t.  We do for others, but rarely for ourselves.  We are called to greater heights, but limiting beliefs get in the way. 

Whatever your passion is, whatever your hearts desire, let’s ignite you and bring clarity to your path forward.  The saying is true – nothing changes if nothing changes.  

What changes do you need to live the abundant life of God?  Right now, all you need is to take one next step of action.

Let’s chat about your next step

Debbie Luxton

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