Christmas really is the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF YEAR!  Yes, I understand that there are a ton more things to get done, but there are also a ton of opportunities to make great memories!

[Tweet “The best way to experience the joy of Christmas is to make memories that will last your lifetime.”]

Continuing family traditions, or creating your own, makes this time of year SPECIAL!  Spread the love and deepen those fond memories.  

Here are a few of my Family Christmas Traditions:

  • IMG_5773My kitchen is always decoated in Gingerbread at Christmas!  This is just one of the decorations my children and grandchildren have grown up with.
  • I have china that only gets used at Christmas. I want a special touch that helps us remember this isn’t just “another day” of spending time together. (I have to confess that my china has a Christmas pattern so, it wouldn’t likely be used any other time of year. However, now that I’ve said that, I think a Christmas in July family tradition would be very cool!)
  • “The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…” Yes, they are! We currently have 22 stockings (that includes Jesus and our dog Buster). I LOVE getting fun things for the stockings and watching each one go through theirs. FUN, FUN, FUN!
  • Several years ago Ornament Day replaced cookie baking. My grandkids take so much ornament kitpride in making ornaments for their parents! I know this pic is not the best, but just to say that my collection of items for this years ornament day is well underway.  Thank you to my great friend Jane who actually prepared this bucket!
  • I LOVE CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!! My grandkids have fun picking out the movies and driving my husband nuts by watching “Christmas With the Kranks”. They know I love it and he doesn’t! He’s just seen it a few too many times. Like many folks, we always watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street.”
  • Every year I send out a family newsletter in place of Christmas cards. It includes a picture of each family/child and a couple sentences about each person. (that’s all I have room for anymore!) 


What Family Christmas Traditions do you have?

Give it some thought. You may have traditions that you’ve taken for granted and didn’t realize they are in fact things you’ve done year after year.

If you have things you’ve thought about doing, but just haven’t gotten there – it’s not too late! Start your own traditions this year.

Please post a comment with your
Family Christmas Traditions
or those you will be starting.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • my mom has a tradition of baking cookies for several families at Christmas. Mom puts the cookies in tins and each individual family in our larger family receives one. Very cool. We look very forward to those cookie tins!!!
  • when my kids were growing up, we always had a real Christmas tree. It was a fun day of going to a tree farm, having hot chocolate, maybe a ride on a hay wagon and picking out that perfect tree. Sure, the Christmas tree day wasn’t always filled with total fun as the kids would argue or the tree wouldn’t quite fit in the front door when we got it home, but hey – that’s what memories are made of!
  • Christmas caroling is a great family tradition. Do it with just your family, with your church or another organization you are apart of.
  • Reading of the Christmas story – especially for households with children.
  • Visit a small town in your area with festive decorations, have hot chocolate, maybe pick up a couple of gifts. Leave the hustle and bustle of the mall behind and relax in an old fashioned environment for a few hours.
  • Visit those who cannot get out. People in nursing homes, shelters, etc. love visitors.
  • Pick up someone who is home bound and take them to see Christmas lights. Or, if they can’t get out at all, watch a Christmas movie with them. 


Christmas is what you make it. Truly!

We are living in difficult times where money is tight and fear is high. Stay focused on the truth that God provides.

[Tweet “It’s not the cost of the gift, it’s the heart within the gift that makes it a treasure.”]

Fear can only win if we allow it too. Trust the One who can shed the light of truth on those things that seek to steal your joy.


As you think about Family Christmas Traditions, think about those things that you would love to see passed down through the generations to come.

Jesus pic


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Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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