Ready for no more shame, no more hiding, no more secrecy?  Tired of being uncomfortable in your own skin?

“Jenny was always the center of attention.  She always had it all together.  I couldn’t understand how she kept it all together and it honestly broke my heart.”  I would taunt myself with thoughts of why I couldn’t be more like her.  One day, I decided to initiate the conversation.  Jen, I want to ask you something.  How do you do all of this?  How do you keep it all together?  “I mean your house, your job, your kids – everything, I really look up to you….”   With tear filled eyes, Jenny replied, “I’m a sham”
The above excerpt is from “What Women Fear:  Walking in Faith that Transforms” by Angie Smith.

Mask.001Are you living in a place like Jenny?  You might believe you have to hide because you know that you are putting up a constant front – you aren’t who people think you are.
You wear your masks day in and day out.
You feel like a failure as you pretend to be what you believe you are suppose to be.

You might be surprised to find out that many, many women live in fear of being exposed as an imposter.  We would rather let the pressure of hiding build shame and resentments within ourselves than to let our secret out.  Being seen as a failure in any form is just too much.  The problem is, all this fear robs you of living out the beauty you were designed to create; the purpose you were born for.

This is the third post in a series leading up to the annual SERENITY Retreat.  SERENITY is an intimate retreat for women in Branson, MO.  For the 2015 retreat only, the study material will include the book “What Women Fear.”  All participants will receive a copy of this book.  The combined material will lead you through the identification and elimination of the things that are keeping you stuck.

You may not believe that fear is the culprit of those nagging thoughts that just won’t let you rest.  Or, the constant concerns.  Most often, fear is at the basis of what plagues us.  I invite you to join with other women in a beautiful setting to dig deep, relax, connect with yourself and draw close to God.  Find all the details at SERENITY RETREAT and take advantage of the Spring Special only good until March 20.  Don’t delay as space is limited!

What Women Fear

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