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Choose from one of her Signature Topics: 
*  Foundations for a THRIVING Life
*  Healthy Boundaries

Or, one of her Leadership Topics:
*  15 Laws of Invaluable Growth
*  Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
*  Become a Person of Influence
*  R.E.A.L. Leadership
*  Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You LEARN


Using her leadership experience of 30 years in a Fortune 500 corporate environment, and 12+ years in  non-profit environments, Debbie understands real-world challenges. 

Debbie has a straight-forward transparent approach that will encourage, motivate and inspire an audience of any size!

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Be inspired as you consider the topic of your choice!  “In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


Signature Topics


Foundations for a THRIVING Life

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People seek to thrive in life, but many find themselves continually striving for


A thriving life is a life that perseveres in the midst of the ups and downs of life.  Thus, you are confident as you live out the impact created and designed you for.

A thriving life is not determined by your circumstances. Rather, it is determined by your foundation.

A foundation that supports your ability to THRIVE is built on solid life processes put into action today, tomorrow….forever.


  • the 7 foundational components of a thriving life
  • key ingredients that make each step successful
  • the “reality” of each step to challenge your thinking
  • the hard truth of why a thriving life may be escaping you
  • encouragement and inspiration to take action!

“I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.”
Philippians 4:13


Healthy Boundaries for Women Who Lead

Many people have a hard time establishing boundaries or find it hard to maintain boundaries.  Women have tremendous influence, that’s the way God designed us.  Most women desire to be all that God created them to be, but wrestle continually with their perseverance.  

Healthy boundaries and your ability to thrive in the impact God created and designed you for go hand in hand.  Whether God has called you to lead and influence as a pastor’s wife, ministry leader or in another leadership role, your influence will suffer without healthy boundaries.

Life is tough!  Boundaries are not an option!

Topics include: what healthy boundaries are, the use of words, implementing boundaries, how to stick to boundaries, accountability and more. Includes a proprietary boundary setting worksheet.

Debbie will debunk the many myths that surround boundaries.  Myths like:

  • boundaries are selfish
  • boundaries are harmful
  • boundaries cause other issues
  • boundaries don’t really matter

Healthy Boundaries for Women Who Lead provides the motivation and information to begin setting intentional boundaries now.lf

“…speak encouraging words to one another.
Build up hope so you’ll all be together in this,

no one left out, no one left behind….”
1 Thessalonians 5:11



John C. Maxwell Leadership Topics


15 Laws of Invaluable GROWTH

Growth is something we must constantly do.  Without it, people become stagnant, potential is left unrealized and the world missed out on the greatness you have to offer!

Develop yourself so you have the best chance of becoming the person you were created to be.

Topics covered:
*  Intentionality ~ Growth doesn’t just happen
*  Awareness ~ You must know yourself to grow
*  Consistency ~ Motivation get you going – Discipline keeps you growing
*  Environment ~ Growth thrives in conducive environments
*  Pain ~ Good management of bad experiences leads to great growth
*  Trade-offs ~ You have to give up to grow up
*  Curiosity ~ Growth is stimulated by asking why?
and more!

“Live these laws and reach your potential” ~ John C. Maxwell



Everyone Communicates, Few CONNECT

If you connect with others – one-on-one, in groups, with an audience – your sense of community improves and your ability to create teamwork increases.  People who connect with others have better relationships, experience less conflict and get more things done than those who cannot connect.

Topics covered:
*  Connecting is all about others
*  Connecting goes beyond words
*  Connecting always requires energy
*  Connectors do the difficult work of keeping it simple
*  Connectors live what they communicate
and more!

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing anything for anybody.”Malcolm Bane


Become a Person of INFLUENCE

Everyone influences others. You don’t have to be in a high-profile occupation to be an influencer; whenever your life connects with another person, you exert influence. Everything you do – at home, at work, at play – has an impact on the lives around you. No matter what your goals are in life you can achieve them faster, you can be more effective and the contribution you make can be longer lasting if you learn to become a person of influence.

Topics covered:JMT_CertMember_seal
*  Integrity
*  Nurturing
*  Faith
*  Listening
*  Empowering
*  Reproducing
and more!

“There have been meetings of only a moment, which have left impressions for life, for eternity. No one can understand that mysterious thing we call influence… yet…everyone of us continually exerts influence, either to heal, to bless, to leave marks of beauty; or to wound, to hurt, to poison, to stain other .”J.R. MILLER, The Building of Character




Learning to lead effectively can be a real challenge. It’s true leadership is not easy to learn, but what worthwhile thing is? Gain the gold nuggets – learning more about leadership will make a difference in you, and you will make a difference in others.  Relationships, Equipping, Attitude, Leadership

Topics covered:
* The toughest person to lead is yourself
* Get in the zone and stay there
* Keep your mind on the main thing
* The choices you make, make you
and more!

“Most people don’t lead their lives; they just accept them.”John Kotter



Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You LEARN

John Maxwell states, “Life’s greatest lessons are gained from our losses.”  Everyone has experienced loss personally or professionally.  Along with loss come pain, but so does the opportunity for tremendous learning and an abundant future.  Light the path to a more fulfilling life by examining loss, not from measuring what one does not have, but how loss can bring abundance.

Topics covered:
* The spirit and foundation of learning
* Being teachable and dealing with adversity
* Turning problems into opportunities
* The value of learning and winning
and more!

“God asks no man whether he will accept life. That is not a choice. You must take it. The only choice is how.” Henry Ward Beecher


Delivery Options

Conference, Lunch n’ Learn, Mastermind, Retreat, Workshop

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

  • Time frame and content customized to meet your needs.
  • Topic of your choosing.
  • All materials are provided.
  • Follow-up accountability is also included.

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