notebook“Journaling” is a word that either strikes fear or elicits a resounding “yes!”

Many people want to journal, but say they don’t know where to start or what to write about. Today, I want to share with you my journaling for this week. I have had a week of God showing up all over the place and I’ve been saying I was going to journal about it, but until now I hadn’t gotten around to it. Here we go….

Sunday, June 15 – Father’s Day I was blessed to share with my husband how much I love him and the wonderful father he has been and is to our children. I was also blessed to reach my son and two son-in-law’s to let them know what great daddy’s they are and how much they are loved. A grand treat was being able to share the fatherly love that my husband and I have for one of our dearest elderly friends. This would not have happened had I not been at church early because of helping in our sound booth.

Monday, June 16 – I only had one of my grandchildren (normally I would have two). We got to go to a movie together and did some shopping. Getting to hear the funny (okay, hilarious) things that come from the mouths of little ones is a huge treat in and of itself. Monday evening I went to my women’s step study group and experienced the blessings of God’s revelations as He works in and through all of us in the group.

Tuesday, June 17 – My mom’s 71st birthday! What a rare treat that she and I got to go to dinner and do a little shopping just the two of us. During the day, I was tremendously blessed in making a new coaching/speaking friend. We are going to continue meeting and potentially working together. The discussion we had was simply incredible and we can both see God brought us together.

Wednesday, June 18 – I went to my usual morning business meeting (BNI Four Rivers). This meeting is always a joy as we truly work to help one another and we have a great group. This meeting was especially fun as the laughter was continuous. Later in the day I was blessed to meet with my new marketing/mentor coach who is one outstanding lady of the Lord. She and my new VA work together. To say God is going to knock my socks off (I always say that with the utmost respect) through these two ladies is an understatement (I’ll be heading to the store for several new pair…). I am already so grateful that God did not let me put this off any longer.

Thursday, June 18 – While trying to checkout in the store, I find myself getting frustrated because the woman in front of me is taking “forever” (you know, 15 minutes or so) and I have to get home to be on a webinar. As I “finally” leave the store, put my things in my car and begin pushing my cart into it’s spot, I notice a friend I haven’t seen in easily two years getting out of her car. I call out her name and she comes over. Immediately I see she is in tears. As I hug her and ask what is wrong, she cries out, “thank you God! Divine intervention!” Now, if I had not been delayed by the woman “taking forever” in front of me, I would have completely missed the opportunity to be there for my friend. BTW – I was only 5 minutes late for the webinar. Thursday evening I meet with a lady for some coaching that blessed us both immensely.

Friday, June 19 – Went for my usual walk getting less than a block away when it starts raining. Buster (my faithful companion) and I pull over under some trees to wait it out. After 10 minutes or so it looks clear and we head out again only to get about a 1/2 block and the rain starts again. We head back to our tree spot and wait again. After the rain stops, off we go to complete our 3 mile walk. At this point I am thinking about a term that I love; “God is always working upstream.” I am thinking about the week I’ve had and how any times He has demonstrated that He is working upstream. I am also thinking about how many times this week I said I was going to journal and hadn’t. I am not certain what the rain delay was for this morning. It may be that it gave me the chance to think through sharing all of this with you in a blog post and/or it may have been Buster and I helping a turtle make sure he/she got to the other side of the road safely. All I know, is that God is working on my behalf and for others continually. Most often I can’t see it and that is why trusting Him is so important.

If you do not journal, but would like to get started, email me and I will send you my 8 Step Guide to Journaling – Free, no charge, just for you!

Debbie Luxton

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