The TRUTH is...

You DON'T ALWAYS have to "have it all together."

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Meet Coach Deb

Hello and Welcome! I hope you will stay and look around a bit, I have a lot for you. Are you at a place in your life where you "just can't take it any longer?" Or, maybe you are ready to set and achieve goals in your life. Perhaps you are tired of hearing negative messages - "your not good enough", "you are not worth it", or any number of other put-down statements. Maybe you've been wearing the "superwomen" cape, taking care of everyone but yourself, and the internal stress has reached it's boiling point. If any of these situations sound even remotely close to your life; I am very glad you are reading this. My passion is to help you. Please click my picture above to read more….

Individual & Group Coaching Programs

Life is hectic beyond belief and pressurized to a constant boil. Being caught up in "LIFE" brews trouble on the inside. As a high-achieving / professional woman everyone looks to you; leaving no time for you. The "being and doing" for everyone else can leave you asking yourself some pretty tough questions and believing you have no where to turn. You are exactly why I coach. To learn more about my individual coaching programs click the picture above.

Leadership Programs

Leadership is not a word reserved for those who aspire to lead big teams or large companies. We are all leaders in our everyday lives. John Maxwell is one of the most sought after speakers and teachers when it comes to leadership. I am proud and thankful to be a Founding Partner and Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker on his team (JMT). Learn and grow with one of the best! Click the seal for information on the JMT leadership programs I offer.

Women's Retreats and Speaking

I would love to talk with you about your speaker needs. I am an authentic, open and transparent speaker who always connects with my audience. Women's conferences, retreats, workshops, teleconferences, web conferences. I have topics to offer that I can easily taylor for your needs. I am available to speak or host your event. I also offer two retreats annually: April ~ The Serenity Retreat and October ~ The Authentic Influence Retreat. Click my picture for more...

Testimonial: "You must do amazing work because the change I have seen in L.S. over the last year is incredible. She has done a complete turn around and is doing so well!" — Upline of a client