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Healthy Boundaries Build Healthy Habits

Developing habits is an essential part of our life journey as Christians. It’s a journey we undertake with purpose. Unlike the fast pace of the world we live in, the cultivation of healthy habits is not an instant process. Praise God for that! The significance of this journey cannot be overstated. We can turn around undesireable habits like these:

* Inconsistent Bible Reading: We might neglect reading the Bible daily, missing out on the opportunity to engage with God’s Word regularly.
* Neglected Prayer Life: Busyness might lead us to forsake earnest prayers, listening to God, and reflecting in our journals.
* Disregarded Health: Our physical well-being could suffer as we overindulge in food, neglect proper rest and exercise, causing harm to our bodies.
* Unfulfilled Desires: Our desires may remain unfulfilled, as we lack the disciplined habits needed to manifest our aspirations.
* Codependency: We may cross the line of allowing others to take less than 100% responsibility for their choices, even making excuses for them.

Forming healthy habits can only be successful with solid boundaries. This process is undoubtedly a journey, one that requires perseverance yet, offers joy and fulfillment. On this path we draw nearer to Jesus. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. ~ Proverbs 3:5

In this journey, we intentionally shape our lives to align with our spiritual values. By dedicating ourselves to the process of healthy boundaries that cultivates healthy habits, we experience transformation by the Holy Spirit. 

A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.
The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

proverbs 22:3 (NLT)

Navigating the journey becomes significantly smoother with a trusted partner. Remember, you’re not on this path by yourself. Feel free to connect for a brief conversation. Let’s explore your way forward together.

A cord of three stands is not easily broken.

a quote to live by

“It’s not that hard on any given day, but the trick is you can’t skip days. Your workouts can be reasonable and still deliver results—if you don’t skip days. Your writing sessions can be short and the work will still accumulate—if you don’t skip days. As long as you’re working, you’ll get there.” – James Clear, writer and speaker 

Regardless of your objective, establishing firm boundaries is essential for achieving consistent progress.

the framework

A well-organized framework of learning and coaching that fosters progress, initiative, and individual development. Cultivate sound boundaries and lay the groundwork for their preservation. The content and sequential advancement remain adaptable, aligned with the client’s priorities.

Week 1 – EXPLORATION: Begin with an overview of boundaries and embark on a journey of self-discovery to recognize the indicators of boundary violations or neglect.

Week 2 – AIMING FOR SUCCESS: Delve into the art of establishing robust boundaries and uncover the detrimental thought patterns and beliefs obstructing your path to success.

Week 3 – CLARITY & AFFIRMATION: Solidify fresh, constructive thoughts and beliefs that will empower you to transform your behaviors, fostering the creation and enforcement of beneficial boundaries in your relationships.

Week 4 – PERSPECTIVE: Strengthen healthy thinking and beliefs that encourage and support changing behaviors for building and maintaining healthy boundaries.

 Week 5 – FOUNDATION ASSESSMENT 1: Verify a foundation centered around Christ and ensure the necessary support system for your newly formed boundaries.

Week 6 – FOUNDATION ASSESSMENT 2: Consider opportunities for enhancement. Incorporate modifications.

Week 7 – STRIDES & RESILIENCE: Evaluate progress made and challenges faced, refining the tools necessary to fortify your boundaries.

Week 8 – IGNITED TO THRIVE: Embrace strategies for achievement, involving the replacement of unconstructive thoughts and beliefs with their positive counterparts to fuel your journey towards thriving.


Healthy boundaries are not optional. 

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