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Influence Multiplied Women’s Community


The Influence Multiplied community brings together women who follow Christ. Women seeking a *safe space as we finish our race well. 

In this safe space, we learn new insights, share personal struggles, and grow in readiness. This helps us move with bold faith to be victorious in our current ministry assignment(s) and/or define new ministry assignments and courageously seek to influence those God places before us.

We are a community, making heartfelt connections, having engaging discussions, and thoughtfully encouraging one another to experience personal transformation to have the Kingdom impact (influence) courageously God created and designed each of us to have.

We are a community of women from different backgrounds sharing in not so different desires and struggles.  We share the desires to live in our authenticity, step boldly into our calling, and leave our struggles at the feet of Jesus.

The Influence Multiplied Community is a trusted virtual environment to share and grow. The platform where Influence Multiplied resides is built and designed for true community; it is not on a social media platform.

Let us finish our race well!

God sticks his head out of heaven.  He looks around.  He’s looking for someone … God-expectant, just one God-ready woman. ~ Psalm 14:2 (MSG)

* “Safe” community – it is critically important to get past the fear of working through personal transformation.  Concerns that what you say could get back to people, to your board, bring harm to your husband or others, and hurt your congregation or ministry are real.

Your need for a safe place to share and grow is a foundational element for which this community exists. Get more information and join us at – INFLUENCE MULTIPLIED

Virtual community is never intended to replace local in-person community(s). For influencers in leadership roles, it is often difficult to find the safety needed for personal sharing. A virtual community can be a great solution.


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