I think we all struggle, certainly at times, with a fear of whether or not our life will have stood for something that makes a difference.  We all long to leave our mark on this world.

I don’t know about you, but I have many times fought the internal battle of wanting to do so much more.  Thoughts of knowing elementsthat I was created for so much more.  Thoughts of, “this can’t be all there is for my life.”  And then, there’s the constant questioning:  “how will I be remembered?,”  “will I have (finally) made my children proud?,” ” will God forgive me that I didn’t do more for His Kingdom?”

In this series of blog posts, I have been discussing topics from the book, “What Women Fear:  Walking in Faith that Transforms” by Angie Smith.  One of the topics is “Fear of Not Being Significant.”  I love the way Angie brings this topic right up front and center.  The use of the word “significant” pushes this to a new level for me.  Maybe it’s just me, but when I let the word “significant” rest in my heart, I feel a huge desire to apologize and seek God’s forgiveness.  I wonder why I think my life should be more significant that the life of Jesus.

Before anyone yells at me, I don’t think any of us consciously think that our lives should count for more than our Savior’s.  But, it occurs to me that in all my struggles about wanting my life to be so much more, I never saw that all my time spent striving and worrying about my life, took my focus away from His life.  And, the fact that I don’t have to constantly strive for significance because He has already made my life so much more.

I know we all struggle with hoping we will live out our purpose.  We want to hear, “well done, good and faithful servant.”  I would never suggest that we shouldn’t be concerned and always seeking to fulfill God’s calling on our lives.  But, I hope you can see that when the concern becomes a stranglehold of fear that locks us into a pattern of worrying about our own significance, we are seeking significance in all the wrong places.  

Jesus lived the most significant life of anyone.  He died that we could live.  We were created in His image.  Our significance is already great.  Our mark on the world is already here.  We are already so much more.

Let us not rely on standards we, or the world, sets of what our lives should count for.  Let us seek the face of Jesus making our relationship with Him our greatest concern.  This will keep our hearts in the right place to not seek our significance according to the world’s standards. To remember the One who has already given us all the significance we need. And, to not work so hard at being so much more that we lose sight of our Savior.

Certainly, there is much more to this topic than can be fully dealt with in a blog post.  If this is something you struggle with, I hope you will contact me as I would love to talk with you.  Contact me here

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What Women Fear

Debbie Luxton

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