Sometimes, it feels like the journey to get from one place in our lives to another is taking forever.  Not only can it be hard to be patient, but it can get down right depressing 

Old fashioned miniature van on a countryside roadwhen we aren’t making the progress we think we should be making.  We let negative thoughts plague us, we compare ourselves to others who seem to be making more progress or we set ourselves up for failure by having unrealistic expectations.
Rather than trying to assess our own progress in this journey called life, we really need to turn to our Creator and let Him assess our progress.  There can be a lot of reasons why we don’t get from point A to point B overnight.  Probably the number 1 reason is the lack of growth and maturity that we would miss out on.  What lessons can be learned if there is no “skin in the game”; so to speak.  And, all those same mistakes that I wonder when I will “get it?”  Well, let me just say, from personal experience, that these can be some of the most painful times, but also very rewarding.  The gentle, but firm, manner in which my Father teaches me through those times could never happen if I were – all of a sudden – perfect.
It can be painful to walk the walk that’s needed to get from point A to point B, but don’t try to skip the process.  Rather, ask God:

*  to give you patient wisdom to wait on Him.
*  to keep learning and growing.
*  to continue growing closer to Him as you are pruned and molded to be more like Him.

Don’t compare yourself to others.  No matter how alike your life or situation may seem to someone else’s, the chances that God will grow, mature and heal you in the same way are slim to none.  Why?  Because each one of us is that unique.  Only our Father knows what each of us needs and how many times I have to make that same mistake.  Thankfully, He never stops loving me and He never tires of helping me become more like Him.

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Debbie Luxton

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