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   CONNECT – 3 Part Series:  Part 1 – Self-Connection

Recently I had an experience where I was reminded how important, “self-connection” is.  In this experience, my self-awareness helped with my peace of mind and staying true to my core values.

My concerns in this experience came through the choices of others.  Not unlike many situations we cross everyday. 

The choices made by others were in direct conflict with most of my core values. Since those choices directly effect me, I’ve had decisions to make all along the way.


Out of Alignment

The experience that I found myself going through was rubbing up against the majority of my core values and my high-expectations for those in positions of influence (leadership).

I am grateful for the self-connection I have, the self-awareness, that helps me deal with situations like this from a place of staying true to what I value most.

I would be very unhappy with myself if I dealt with things in a reactive mode of criticism, anger, or some false sense of self-righteousness.

Without solid self-connection, emotions can win and it is easy to lose sight of seeking the most positive outcome as far as it depends on you and me.

Fulfillment Requires Self-Connection

Without knowing yourself well, success is only an illusion. It’s a nice thing to have, but it doesn’t fulfill you.

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Great fulfillment comes from the self-connection efforts of identifying and clarifying your core values. 

A solid core values process helps you know and understand things like:
• who you are; not who you would like to be
• who you are in your life right now; not who you think you should be
• when your values are being honored, you feel good and fulfilled
• when your values are not being honored, you feel uneasy / discontented

Knowing yourself well brings fulfillment because you understand what drives you, what holds you back, what brings you joy and so much more. 

You gain clarity and insight to who you are, created in God’s image.


More Value in Self-Connection

Self-connection brings awareness of your triggers. Knowing your triggers can save you mountains of pain!

Emotional outbursts in trigger situations, or with trigger people, are no longer the norm. This is not to say you will never get upset, but you will better understand it.

Self-connection gives you the opportunity to minimize or avoid the pain and to respond rather than falling into the trap of emotional reactions.

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Self-connection reminds me of my tendencies to take life way to seriously at times. I see the reminders to “stop and smell the snowflakes!”

Self-connection saves me from detours that rob me of precious time and energy in fulfilling my life purpose.

Self-connection keeps me humble and remembering that apart from God I, alone, accomplish nothing of lasting value.


Resources for Self-Connection

“One Thing Leads to Another” retreat is coming up May 4-7, 2017.  Space is limited!

This retreat takes place in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at the serene and beautiful Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs.

CONNECT is one of the three core components of our retreat!

You will receive encouragement and coaching to help you complete pre-retreat materials to jump start your efforts.

Most things are only as good as the depth of effort you put into it.  Having a solid process to follow, with coaching assistance, exponentially increases your ability to go deep and achieve the desired results.

Self-help books and conferences provide “in the moment” motivation.  Nothing wrong with that in the short-term. 

The One Thing Leads to Another retreat* focuses on long-term and going far beyond temporary, surface level, experiences.   You are given the support to take action and incorporate your awarenesses.

There is simply no subsitute for getting unplugged to take the necessary deep dive of true connection. 

Likewise, there is no subsitute for having the ongoing community to support you when you return to the “real” world.

* One Things Leads to Another is the Inauguaral Retreat in the Rocky Mountain location; hosted by One Life to THRIVE, LLC.  “Founding Member” status and benefits will never be offered again!

All the details about the May 4-7, 2017 retreat can be found on the One Life to THRIVE website.


In addition to the upcoming retreat, individual coaching is available.
Contact me HERE to for a 20 minute discussion to determine if life or leadership coaching is right for you.








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