Serenity Retreat – Intimate “Get Away” Retreat for Women

But what happens when we live God’s way?

He brings gifts into our lives,
much the same way that fruit appears in an orchard—
things like affection for others,
exuberance about life, serenity.

We develop a willingness to stick with things,
a sense of compassion in the heart,
and a conviction that a basic holiness permeates things and people.

We find ourselves involved in loyal commitments,
not needing to force our way in life,
able to marshal and direct our energies wisely.
Gal 5:22-23 (MSG)




Through an in-depth study we will look within ourselves and join our Lord in bringing Romans 12:9-10 alive within us and thus, our lives. Intimate group discussion allows for great honesty that challenges our commitment to real change and real growth. Retreat activities bring individual awareness and allow us to bless one another.


What’s Included (based on your chosen location):

  • 3 nights lodging: up to 4 women in a fully equipped 2 bed/bath condo (choose to share a room or book a private room)
  • Continental breakfasts in your condo
  • Welcome Reception
  • Special Retreat Gift
  • Retreat Study and Take Home Materials; including “What Women Fear” by Angie Smith
  • Teaching on finding Serenity amidst your fears
  • Leader led activities and discussions
  • Group outings
  • Time to shop, take a walk, nap…
  • One private “focused” coaching session with Debbie (time is limited; filled on a first-come, first-served basis)
  • Invitation to join the Retreats Alumni Group on Facebook

Sandy ~ “The serenity and beauty of the location is amazing! I walked into this with slight apprehension of an unfamiliar situation. I’m walking away fully blessed by God’s presence and works through each beautiful woman who attended. What I have learned and experienced is life changing to my spiritual journey with God.”

Why attend this retreat?

Because you are worth it. Women often lose site of themselves in the many hats they wear. Staying connected to God in a woman’s busy life can be tough. Maintaining a vital sense of community is even harder. Losing site of taking care of yourself is all too easy; serenity can be no where to be found.

In this retreat you will connect with God and with other ladies. You will get fully in touch with yourself.  You will see your serenity in a whole new way and learn how to maintain it.



fruits of the spirit


The “Fruit of the Spirit” Box is available throughout the retreat.

It provides opportunities for women to bless one another and to acknowledge

I’ve attended two of Debbie’s retreats and both times God’s presence was definitely felt. You could see His hand at work in each of the participants. To anyone who is thinking of attending I would say go with an open heart and mind. Put aside any doubts, insecurities or fears and let God do a work in you that will leave you in awe. I believe that He orchestrates every part of these retreats and you will go home with tools that you can put to use in your life right away. Debbie has such a heart for helping other women and it shows in everything she does.
One particular issue about this retreat that may make us women uncomfortable is the possibility of rooming with someone you don’t know. I chose to let Debbie pick my roommate for me and is was clear from the beginning that this was not her choice, it was God’s. I carpooled with a lady I had never met before and when we got to the retreat we found out that we would also be rooming together. We hit it off right away. We had a lot in common and talked the whole way to the retreat. During the retreat we got to know each other even better and are now friends outside of the retreat. Sometimes, God allows us to be put into situations that make us uncomfortable but these are exactly the times that He grows us the most.
I’m so grateful for Debbie’s heart and for these retreats. I will definitely go again and would recommend them to everyone. I promise you will experience God in a very real and awe-inspiring way!!   Thanks Debbie. ~ Linda, Medical Professional



Kathy ~ “On the retreats that I have gone on – I have been biblically taught about different areas in my Christian walk. How to enhance them, how to strengthen them, how to correct them and more. The main principle being grounded in God and His love. I will continue to attend the retreats because Debbie is not only an excellent coach and, her material is excellent, but Debbie herself strives toward being a faithful servant of God, a true child of God and a Godly influence.”


About the Retreat Author and Leader:

Debbie Luxton is a Life and Leadership Coach, Teacher and Speaker. She has years of experience as a leader and speaker ~ 30 years in a Fortune 500 Corporation, 4 years on the Missouri Recovery Network Board of Directors – currently serving as an officer, 9 years co-leading the Celebrate Recovery Ministry at her church, President of the Four Rivers BNI Chapter and many speaking / teaching engagements. Debbie shares openly about her personal experience of how God saved her from herself. She is passionate about equipping women to live with Serenity everyday and not be a victim of the pressures related to all the hats they wear.  Debbie will help you with what it takes to be victorious in your life and leadership struggles.

Special Note:

Scholarships are accepted in any amount to help women attend the retreat. I


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