“What if I lose my job?”

“What if my husband leaves me?”

“What if my child has an accident?”

There are so many “what if’s” that can haunt us and keep us living in fear to all the possibilities we can think of. Are all the bad things we consider possible?  Probably.  Does that mean the possibilities should control us and keep us living in fear to them?  Absolutely not.

This is the first post in a series regarding “What Women Fear” based on the book by Angie Smith.  This book will be integrated into my upcoming Spring Retreat on Serenity.  The Serenity Retreat is held each April in Branson, MO.  For this retreat, we will use Angie’s book to incorporate the correlation of fear and how it robs you of your serenity.  Find out more about this upcoming “Get Away” SERENITY RETREAT 2015.

What Women Fear

Portions of the full Serenity Prayer state:  …”accepting hardship as a pathway to peace…” and “… taking this sinful world as it is…”  These are certainly statements that would invoke some level of fear for many of us.  In “What Women Fear” Angie talks about circumstances that make us aware, the “realization”, that we aren’t in control.

When we live in the fear of the “what if’s” we fool ourselves that we have some control over what will be.  If a hardship occurs, we believe we had some control to keep it from happening and now “we are destined to live among the ashes that remain.”  This creates a cycle of insanity with no hope of serenity.

Internalizing and surrendering to the truth that God will never forsake you can be difficult.  There are many hardships that definitely drive real fear – being out of work, fighting illness and many other unknowns.  We must learn to walk with God, to rely on His truth and to turn off the committee in our head.

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