Snowflake Encounters

Last week I felt led to start a walking and hiking group for women.  I am an avid walker and hike multiple times a year in Colorado.  In August of 2019, my husband and I hiked our first “14er” at 60 and 64 years young.  

In case you are wondering what a “14er” is, a “14er” is a mountain over 14,000 in elevation.  There are 54-58 (depends on the article you read) 14er’s in CO.  We travel there often and I could hike everyday while there.  Will we hike to the summit of all the 14er’s in CO?  I don’t know.  We are planning to hike another one this summer of 2021.

Last week when the idea for a walking and hiking group came to me, I began thinking about it in earnest and asking the Lord to guide me.  My passion is working with women God has called to lead.  Overcoming their fears and embracing their area of influence.

Walking and hiking is great self-care.  Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Women who lead need great self-care boundaries. 

“If I get to the end of a day without a walk, I feel like I’ve missed out.”

The idea to form a walking and hiking group is new.  My heart began to leap and my head began to swirl with thoughts.  I discussed the idea with one of my children who said, “yes, absolutely!”  LOL. My family knows my passion.
Then, I ran into a friend at the grocery store who came up to me and said, “Hey, do you ever hike around here?”
All this in one week’s time.  I love it when God makes things so clear.


BAM!  Now it’s on!  

Dolor Amet

Stop and Smell the Snowflakes!

This week in my private Facebook Community we are talking about “encounters.”  I got to thinking about this today when I went out for my walk.  The temperature was 34; not bad at all.  What was different today is the snowfall.  Snow coming down pretty good.  That adds variety!

The encounters around this walking and hiking group:
– the idea is planted by the Holy Spirit
– running into my friend who asks me about hiking locally (which, by the way, I had just planned with my husband a local hike for the day prior!  We wound up not going but, we’ve only gone on a local hike once.  So, it’s not something top of mind.)
– as I’m walking while it’s snowing, I’m thinking about how much I truly love to walk and hike.  If I get to the end of a day and I haven’t had the opportunity for at least a short walk, I feel like I missed out.
– I started reading a book last week titled, “Walk, Hike, Saunter.”  This book is about women hikers and backpackers.  Women, for the most part, in their 60’s and 70’s!  

OH YEAH!!!  Very encouraging.


Today when I got home, with all these “encounter” thoughts flowing through my head, I look at my shower curtain and see, “Stop and Smell the Snowflakes.”  I’ve had this shower curtain for several years and it’s always been a favorite.  I love snow, snowmen, mountains, and yes, stopping while out walking or hiking.  Today, like many other days when it’s cold, I took hot tea to enjoy along the way.

Ahhh.  “Stop and smell the snowflakes.”  

That’s what I felt like I did on my walk today.  This helped me realize that my passion for walking and hiking must be shared!  I am grateful for the encounters God has orchestrated where I can see His leading towards a walking and hiking group.  

I’m not clear on what this group looks like exactly but, I am very certain that it’s something I am supposed to do.  More to come on!

I apologize for the toilet that you probably would rather not see!  I really couldn’t get the shower curtain without it.


Comment below!  Would you join a walking and hiking club?  
– If not, why not?  
– If yes.  What would you hope to gain as a club member?

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