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Part 1 – Success and Plaguing Discontent

Success and plaguing discontent sounds like it should be an oxymoron. Sadly, they very often go hand in hand.

So many women struggle with:
– an “uneasiness”
– being “unsettled”
– a “lack of joy” in their life
– a desire for “something more”

An unidentified discontentment.

The mind, and heart, confusion occurs when their life provides no basis for the discontentment because they are relatively successful in their personal and professional lives.

I’ve talked about this topic in other articles and I talk about it in my first book being released February 27, 2017; Choose to THRIVE: Conquering Your Inner Conflicts.

Feelings of discontentment (the “uneasiness,” “unsettled,” “lack of joy,” wanting “something more”) is one of those things we need to talk about a lot:

1. Women, especially those in leadership, must remember this is a common issue.
2. Awareness is the starting point for eliminating discontent.
3. Identifying truth in the source is required to move forward as God would have you.

The sources can be many. Regardless of the source(s), a woman can be plagued by a lack of contentment to the point of making life-altering choices.  Choices that ultimately cause more issues in her life.


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A Place to Begin


Define Success

Plaguing discontentment is a serious issue that women in leadership must resolve in order to be the thriving leaders God created them to be.

Resolving the issue(s) won’t be an overnight thing, but if you prayerfully set your own expectations, commit to the journey and have help alongside you; you will resolve it.

Begin by understanding what success means to you. If you don’t know, contentment will never be found.

The thing about success is that it has to fit for you. Don’t measure your definition of success by anyone else.

Define Contentment

Know what contentment looks like. Just like success, or anything else in life, you have to know what you are looking for. (We’ll talk in next week’s article more about why inner conflicts keep returning.)

When defining contentment, check your heart for gratitude. Gratitude and contentment go hand in hand.

Seeing all that you have to be thankful for, acknowledging this before God and growing a heart of thankfulness is a key component towards being able to see what is true in your situations where discontentment is rising up.

Success = Contentment?

No, not necessarily. Don’t assume that if you reach a level of achievement, personally or professionally, that contentment will be waiting for you.

Contentment, when you have it, will be alive and well regardless of success; regardless of circumstances or situations. Contentment isn’t dependent on people, places or things.

Contentment goes hand in hand with serenity. It’s a peace that goes far below the surface.

Many times, the things we strive and work so hard for are not what we expected them to be when we get there. Of course, this would cause the feelings we’ve been talking about.

Don’t forget to be grateful, giving yourself credit for staying the course and accomplishing your goal.

It is healthy to ask yourself, where was God in my goal(s)? If you did your best to stay in his will, trust that he has a plan and continue to follow where he takes you. Gain encouragement through a community (like One Life to THRIVE).

If you ventured out on your own, leaving God on the sidelines, do not be discouraged! It is never too late to invite the Lord and put his plan first in your life.  He is graciously waiting for you!


You are not alone

A very important point to remember is that being plagued with discontent, even with you have a seemingly successful life, is very common.

Should that make you feel better? I hope so. The reason for my hope is, knowing the truth that others struggle in the same way can ward off disillusionment.

Furthermore, it can give you the strength to be a part of a community with other women to share those struggles in authentic transparency.

If you think you are so unique that you are the only one, well… that’s a good way to miss out on the thriving life you should be living.


Stop Discontentment – You’ve Got too Much to Live For!

Coaching is an outstanding process for identifying the source(s) of discontentment and putting an end to this plaguing cycle.

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