“Will I ever be enough!” So many women struggle with this question or some version of it. Feelings that range from not being successful enough at their careers to not being a good enough friend and everything in between.

If we are trying to be Superwoman, no wonder we ask ourselves this question!cartoonish_character_2008013293-1113int.eps

As a professional woman you lead a very full life. That alone makes it really hard not to find some area in your life that you believe you are not “enough” at. Why is this true? Because as women, we put a great deal of pressure on ourselves to be the best at every hat we wear.

You put in all you’ve got day after day, but the constant drive to keep it all together, in a perfect way, gets downright exhausting!

I lived in this place and fought these same feelings. I was a wife, mother, corporate leader and very successful by just about anyone’s standards. On the outside, I kept up my appearances very well, but inside I was filled with frustration, discontent and always running after “something” more. I compared myself to others and always thought the other woman had the perfect marriage, perfect kids, perfect… That kept me always striving, never really enjoying, and beating myself up.

The very high standards and expectations we hold ourselves up to comes from within.  Our thoughts are influenced by our past, what others have said, what the media says and way too much comparing ourselves to what we think we are suppose to be. Very often, we have deep seeded guilt because we are strong women with a career.

Because we perceive so much of this to be true, we try to measure up to a false reality.  We think we see that perfect life in others, (she’s got the best marriage – that’s what I need to measure up to). We really only see appearances yet, we draw conclusions from what we think we know.

Professional women are designed to be strong. God knew what He was doing! Yet, we take that strength and try to do things with it that brings us to a place of self-sabotage. We fail to consider our own uniqueness and the fact that no two lives, and no two women, are exactly alike. Furthermore, God never asked us to set perfection as a standard.

The solution requires a woman to get grounded in truth and live to this truth daily. With help, she can recognize things like the need for perfectionism and trying to measure up to her ideal’s. This may not be as easy as it sounds.  Some of the things we believe can be very deep rooted and you don’t turn those things off overnight.  The key is to know that your feelings of “not being enough” are not what is true about you, you can see this truth and you can live free of those unwanted feelings.

I work with women all the time to uncover and eliminate the untruths behind their struggles. I will help you THRIVE every single day through replacing the constant striving with a firm foundation filled with joy, peace and contentment.

– through Individual Life Coaching we can partner one-on-one to quickly identify the root of what’s stealing your serenity and turn that around.

– through my Professional Development topics of “Connecting”, “Influence” or “Leadership” a woman will get very real with herself as she advances and grows in these fundamental characteristics.

– at my Signature “Get Away” Retreats women are able to decompress and make life altering changes while getting real with themselves and God.

Debbie Luxton

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