Heart Sinking Showing Loss Of Love And Broken HeartI don’t normally post an article more than once a week.  But, I can’t seem to get the topic of, Christians hurting Christians, off of my heart and mind so, perhaps I need to write about it.

I got up early this morning as I always do.  Actually, 30 minutes earlier than my usual time of 5:00 a.m.

I’m supposed to be retired so, some people ask me why I get up so early.  Well, “retirement” hasn’t been what I thought it would be.  God had other plans for me and I’m okay with that (at least most days.)

He called me to be a coach and to hosting retreats.  Some folks know, but many do not, that I am working on a new retreat business/ministry. 

This is different than the retreats I’ve written and hosted in the past.  The first retreat will be in Colorado Springs in May 2017.  More to come as this is not what I wanted to share.



As I’ve worked my coaching business, and now on my new business, I’ve been prayerful and tried to work with people of integrity. 

People that appeared to know their business and genuinely wanted to help me with my business. 

In the last six months, two people that I thought were people of integrity, turned out to be scammers.  I don’t know if they fit the actual definition of a scammer, but when they were clearly not of the integrity I thought they were – they proved themselves to be scammers to me.


Now What? 

I feel used and suckered.  I’ve been hurt.  Having said that, I do my best to see everything as learning and growth opportunities.  I hope I’ve learned a lot! 

Satan is alive and works in many ways to try and take all of us off course from the grand journey God has for us.  He will not bring me down. 

I have prayed for both of these people.  Has that been easy?  No, not always.

I’ve asked God to let me let Him handle these situations and these people.  I am doing my best to love them like Jesus and trust that He will work everything out for His good.


I Can’t Force Them

I have tried to work with both individuals to work things out peacefully.  I have given them both ample opportunities to prove themselves as people of integrity.

I’ve lost some money in the process and lots of time.  There is much work that must be done to recover documents and things that won’t likely be returned.

I can’t force these folks to do the right thing.  Bottom line.



Both of these business individuals say they are Christians.  They talk about Jesus, listen to Christian music and, one of them, even writes about Him. 

But, you see, it’s not about a person’s talk or appearance.  It’s about what they do.  Actions reveal the heart.

It is not my place to judge them.  We are all sinners.  And, thankfully, we are all redeemable.


In His Image

I will do my best to stand on my integrity and I hope, more than anything, God is pleased.

If you’ve been hurt by someone you thought you could count on, someone you thought you could trust, someone who pulled the wool over your eyes – let your heart rest. 

Always do your best to be the person God created you to be.  We will all answer to Him one day.





Debbie Luxton

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