Portrait-of-sad-woman-37147576Proverbs 28:13 ~ You will never succeed in life if you try to hide your sins. Confess them and give them up; then God will show mercy to you.

There is something about the word “confess” that scares people.  It conjures up fear and thoughts of “being found out.”  The thing is, the Lord is the only person that you have to be concerned about and He already knows what you’ve done!  So, forget the “being found out” part.

Okay, seriously, I realize that you may not want others to find out mistakes, or poor choices, you’ve made because it would hurt them.  This is real life that you are dealing with.  First of all, confession occurs between you and the Lord.  You must get honest with yourself and bring it to Him in order for you to be set free from the internal pain that you will always live with if you don’t.  There is no other way to release the hold that unconfessed sin has on you.

Secondly, the Lord will lead and guide you beyond your confession and His forgiveness.  If He directs you to take your confession further then, you must trust Him and be obedient.  He would never instruct you to do such a thing without having a very good purpose for you to do so.  He loves you and He loves all those around you.  You may have heard it said, “God never wastes a hurt.”  This is one of the truest statements made by men that I have ever heard.  The reason I say this is because I’ve lived it over and over again.

Don’t turn a deaf ear when you hear the word “confess”.  Open your heart and let God in.  You will not be sorry.  His mercy and His plans for you are greater than you can imagine.

By hanging on to unconfessed sin:
*  you are unable to live life fully.
*  you will never be all that you can be.
*  your character and your honor are dependent on your honesty.

Pride is a tough, tough thing to get over.  Your pride will try to keep you in the place of hiding your sin.  Anything that is hidden is a problem.  Confession is the only way to deal with this.  Things never, never, never stay truly hidden forever.

If you struggle with forgiveness, let’s talk.  Unforgiveness causes division and robs people of joy.  Email Coach Deb

Debbie Luxton

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