If you are a follower of my blog, you know that we’ve come a long way in the past 6 weeks:

Core Values (who you are)
Life Purpose (why you are)
Vision (where you are going)
Mission (how you will get there)
Goals (what you will do)
Priorities (when you will do it)

Now, it’s time to implement good boundaries.  Boundaries that will become habits that ensure success to achieving your goals!

Red Carpet

Professional women are very good at making plans and getting those plans jump started, but many are also not so good at staying the course. I’m not referring to projects we are paid to get done in a corporate environment or even in a volunteer setting where others are depending on us. 

Rather, I am referring to the goals we set for ourselves such as losing weight, starting a ministry, writing a book, changing careers, getting healthy and the list goes on.  To often we lose sight of the goal in middle of the journey.

For me, I can get bored or lose my passion because I’m not seeing the results I desire as quickly as I want to see them. Invariably, I will find myself with new ideas to work on. I’m REAL GOOD at coming up with new ideas don’t ya know!

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I know I’m not alone in this. I talk to many women who struggle to achieve personal goals or new ventures they are certain God has called them to.


What’s the key to stay the course on those projects we know God brought us to, but are tough in the middle or we start to doubt that we heard God correctly?  How can we stay committed to goals that we know are for our best?

1.  Keep your core values and life purpose in front of you. If you get out of sync with who God created you to be and why He created you, discontent will prevail.  Discontent is a huge saboteur of personal goals.
Boundary to implement:

  • Place your core values where you will see them daily.  What will work for you to see something daily?
    Some ideas could be: an automated reminder, as part of your daily devotional/prayer time, a place holder on your calendar.

    Once you do this for around 66 days (can be more or less – it’s an individual thing) you will have a habit built around it. Then, it’s part of what you do and not something you have to make yourself do.


2.  Keep your vision in front of you.  Many people use vision boards to keep sight of where they are going.  Some vision boards are made on large boards and hung on a wall. Some people like one that is in a frame on their desk or in an area of their house where they will see it easily like the kitchen counter. You could also take a picture of the board you create and make it the background on your phone.

Realize that your vision and mission can change. Having said this, you want to exercise discernment and wisdom before you make a change or set out to create anew. It’s important to make sure you stay connected to the path God wants you to travel.

The path is not always made as clear as we would like. Even so, through prayer and awareness, God will reveal what’s needed and He will provide that deep inner peace that helps determine which way to go.
Boundary to implement:

  • set a date to create your vision board.
  • once completed, set it in a place where it will be seen daily


3. Review your goals everyday. If you are using my goal forms, you have an overview of all your goals on one sheet with your mission statement at the top. This is perfect for a quick, but focused look at why you get up everyday and do what you do.

At this point, there are 3 things I’ve asked you to make sure you look at daily:

  • Your core values and life purpose
  • Your vision and mission
  • An overview of your goals

Sounding like a lot? Let’s make it simple:

  • Core values and life purpose will take you a couple of minutes. More if you feel the need to ponder them. These are great inclusions for your daily time with God.
  • A vision board is simply a visual and takes only a few seconds to look at. More if you feel the need to spend some time dreaming about it.
  • Mission and goals are right there together; let’s say 5 minutes. More if you decide to dig into planning or tracking on that day.

So the above can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes. That’s pretty darn good to ensure you stay the course.
Boundary to implement:

  • use an overview form to record your mission and goals.
  • review your goals before you set out to conquer the day.


4.  Review your goals weekly. When you do your planning each week include 30 minutes to review the detail of your goals. This component to success is critical in order to lay out your schedule, ensuring your priorities come first.

It is best if your planning time can occur at the same time every week. It will be something you look forward to with anticipation of reaping the benefits in your days ahead.

You will also use this time to consider what tasks you need to add, or perhaps change, in your work plans.
Boundary to implement:

  • schedule time on your calendar every week to plan for the upcoming week – do your best to make this a time that will rarely change.
  • Seek accountability until this becomes something you do consistently.


Beyond the above, monthly goal reviews should include a detailed walk through of your goals. Take time to consider your progress. Are you ahead in your plans or falling behind? Are changes needed in your due dates or work plans?

Make sure you allocate enough time to take a hard look at where you are and where you are going.

Every 6 months it’s time to prayerfully revisit your vision. Regardless of progress made or not made, is your vision still sparking your passion? Do you still hear God in it?


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